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Kite Co-Pilot Preview

Small preview on Kite with Python!

I'm very excited to share with you, on my new blog, a preview for Kite, the programming co-pilot powered by deep learning! According to Kite, this is a desktop application that runs alongside your editor as an artificial pair programmer. As you type, Kite pulls online documentation, docstrings and other resources to present you things like call arguments and even usage examples! I can glance at Kite when don't want to tab out to the web and search something like the Django documentation. Despite being some of the best written documentation, finding and scrolling thought it can sometimes take a while, even if you use Find.

Kite side bar

After using Kite for a few weeks I've noticed it spend less time searching for documentation because it's almost always right there in Kite, or in your editor if you use Sublime. Being able to read the documentation quickly without tabbing out and wasting time searching and scrolling really makes a difference over time. I'm really impressed with Kite's ability to search to parse the docstrings of your own project to provide similar suggestions. I personally prefer this to the Anaconda or other similar IDE plugins for Sublime because of the speed at which the information appears. Anaconda slows me down and introduces lag into my Sublime, this setup works well for me because I spend less time sifting through documentation and hangups when the completion is rendering. I also found the Kite completions in Sublime work much better and faster than Anaconda and the built-in completions. Stay tuned for a full review when the beta or final build is released!

Kite in action

Kite currently in close alpha and supports Python and integrates with Sublime Text, Emacs, Atom, Vim, Neovim, VS Code and PyCharm. The documentation modal you in the picture above is supported in Sublime Text, Atom and PyCharm 2016.1 and above. I used the latest version of Kite with Sublime Text 3. You might want to disable Anaconda completions, if you use it.

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